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Problem with Valid SG mobile numbers returning No Type (as of 1.6.0)

See original GitHub issue

I have a case where a given number is returning no Type, whereas the same number in Google’s library (and other online checkers) correctly returns type “MOBILE”. This case works in libphonenumber-js versions prior to 1.6.0 (using older API - tested with 1.5.2), but anything later than 1.6.0 inclusive fails.

The number is +6584655555 (last 5 digits changed for privacy). I use Default Country “AU” (as that’s where I am, and most of our user). The library correctly identifies it as a Valid number from country “SG” - but the type is undefined.

Google Test:

I have tried using “metadata.full.json” - although normally I use “”.

Minimal script:

const PhoneUtil = require('libphonenumber-js')
const metadata = require('libphonenumber-js/metadata.full.json')

let number = PhoneUtil.parsePhoneNumberFromString('+6584685555', 'AU', metadata)
let type = number.getType(number)
console.log({number, type})

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

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catamphetaminecommented, Jan 10, 2019

@Dortamur Oh, I get it now: you’re importing from the wrong package. See readme on min vs max vs mobile.

dortamurcommented, Jan 15, 2019

Great! Thanks.

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