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Add comma as a way to list statements

See original GitHub issue

All these cause syntax errors:

Example 1

ask { 1, 2 }
// returns 2

Example 2

ask {
  1, 2
// returns 2

Example 3

for(let i = 0; i < arr:size; i = i + 1, sum = sum + arr:at(i)) { }

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6

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czerwinskilukasz1commented, Oct 5, 2020

Hello @hunarjain , I am very happy you volunteer to do this task - it would be a useful syntax structure. You will need to edit a grammar file ( to: step 1) make pegjs accept expression with a comma-separated list of statements. I would try adding a new definition to nonArithmNoMethodsExpression . Please read more about PegJS if needed from their site:

step 2) write appropriate code in, which will handle this and translate to mhagmajer’s structures - please consult with him what’s the most convenient way. Likely you will produce a code block for the comma-separated list of statements (and the last one will be treated as a return value for the whole block just out-of-the-box).

hunarjain09commented, Dec 4, 2020

Hello @khushboo97 you can use the playground

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