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Add namespacing/modules

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When we’d like to implement a more broad set of the resources/integrations we’ll encounter a namespacing issue, kind of modules/namespaces/groups would be a handy solution to it.

For example when we’d like to develop the resources for accessing MySQL and MongoDB both ORM modules could potentially have a method like mysql:findOne({}) / mongodb:findOne({}). There’s actually no way for avoid resource overlapping other than naming convention (egmysql_findOne() - which actually is not an elegant solution)

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czerwinskilukasz1commented, May 2, 2021

On the other hand, what I think we could do is to have a way to return a MySQL object which has a number of fields, each of them being a function (e.g. field findOne being a function for finding a single row in a table etc.) and then run mysql.findOne(). Please note that here we use dot instead of the colon. In AskScript we used colon for the “method” syntax sugar and method chaining, but dot for accessing properties (see e.g. this sample .ask file: )

mhagmajercommented, May 18, 2021
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