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Multiple variable declarations in the same scope do not result in an error.

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// Entering editor mode (^D to finish, ^C to cancel)
let a = 3
let a = 4

Expected: Error - variable ‘a’ is already defined in this scope

Actual: Success

int ask(let('a',3),let('a',4),get('a'))

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  • Created 3 years ago
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czerwinskilukasz1commented, Jun 27, 2020

@czerwinskilukasz1 I’m not sure if there is issue for it, but we don’t do any differentiation between const and let currently

I added it earlier today: “Assigning to a const does not result in an error”

czerwinskilukasz1commented, Aug 10, 2020

Hello Aditya, welcome to AskQL project! This issue is related to AskVM (Ask Virtual Machine), which is interpreting code in AskCode and keeping track of resources (functions) and variables defined. First, it would be good if you get familiar with the part of code you are going to work on. In this case it is how defining variables work in AskVM. The code for AskVM lives in src/askvm, while for the code which handles defining variables start looking at src/askvm/resources/core/let.ts. Try to understand how it works now and why executing let a = <value> twice does not cause an error. @avats-dev

Let me know if you have more questions.

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