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Errors immediately when loaded in a sandboxed iframe

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Hi, I’m using this lib in a Extension, which runs in a sandboxed iframe with a lot of security rules.

One of the rules script-src, affects the new Worker() call, causing this error


The corresponding code

  function confettiCannon(canvas, globalOpts) {
    var isLibCanvas = !canvas;
    var allowResize = !!prop(globalOpts || {}, 'resize');
    var shouldUseWorker = canUseWorker && !!prop(globalOpts || {}, 'useWorker');
    console.log({ isLibCanvas, shouldUseWorker, canvas, globalOpts })
    console.log('about to create worker?')
    var worker
    try {
        worker = shouldUseWorker ? getWorker() : null;
    } catch (err) {
        console.log('YOOO', err)

This was confusing at first, because I never set the useWorker: true option. Turns out, the lib creates a Worker on initialization, and an error gets thrown. There should be a try/catch somewhere.

Just a suggestion, fix it however you want, but I believe this should be fixed.

I can create a reproduction if you want.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

catdadcommented, Mar 30, 2020

A fix was published in 1.1.3

catdadcommented, Sep 23, 2020

I apologize, I meant to comment and I guess I never did. This is not being ignored. Rather, I do not agree that it is desirable for this library.

Workers need to be enabled by default. Without workers, I cannot guarantee that the animation in this library will be smooth. What is worse, without workers, I cannot guarantee that any other work that your page needs to do will not be interrupted or have its performance penalized.

We all have to live with the fact that users simply don’t read documentation. I can’t bury an option somewhere that says “here is how to turn good performance on”. That is irresponsible from the standpoint of a maintainer. Therefore, unless there is a compelling argument, workers will stay on by default. This allows the most users to have the best performance.

Now, since this is an expectation, users need to know when they have inadvertently affected that. It should not be silent. If you copied a content security policy from a random blog because it said it was good but you also expect nothing to change, obviously that is not going to work. You absolutely can choose to trade performance for security in the correct context, but you need to know that that is what you are doing.

Finally, to address the issue of “but my users will open up their console and see an error and think that I am a terrible developer”. Frankly, I was hoping not to have to address this, but here we are. It is a pretty rate sight to see a website with a silent console. Most popular websites include plenty of messages. Similar libraries that rely on web workers also use them by default, resulting in an error as well as console warning when web workers cannot be used. Even sites that you actually expect developers to open the console on – like jsfiddle or codepen – have some amount of noise in their console. I just don’t buy the argument that it affects the popularity of your website, extension, plugin, or what have you. Maybe I am wrong, and would like to hear if you have substantial evidence otherwise. For the time being, I think what I have mentioned above warrants using workers by default, as well as the error and warning you see in the console.

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