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Opening txt files from "Recent changes" view does not work

See original GitHub issue

Description of the issue

Tapping on an item from “Recent changes” view is expected to open corresponding file in relevant app. But this almost does not work for txt files. Most of the apps can not recognize sent intent. For instance can not open files from such intents.

I’ve tried to compare intents that sends Syncthing-Fork with intents of file managers that properly opens text files in all available text editors.


Data: /storage/emulated/0/Notes/todo.txt#Intent;type=text/plain;launchFlags=0x3000001;component=io.github.muntashirakon.AppManager/.intercept.ActivityInterceptor;end URI: /storage/emulated/0/Notes/todo.txt#Intent;type=text/plain;launchFlags=0x3000001;component=io.github.muntashirakon.AppManager/.intercept.ActivityInterceptor;end

Another app:

Data: content:// URI: intent://;scheme=content;type=text/plain;launchFlags=0x3000001;S.real_file_path_2=%2Fstorage%2Femulated%2F0%2FNotes%2Ftodo.txt;end

There is conspicuous difference. I am not familiar with Android ways but it seems to me that Data and URI most likely should not be identical.

Reproduction Steps

See above.

Version Information

  • App Version:
  • Syncthing Version: v1.16.0
  • Android Version: Android x.y
  • Device manufacturer: Xiaomi
  • Device model: Mi A1

Device platform info

Not collected, I believe irrelevant

Android Log

Not collected, I believe irrelevant

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:15 (12 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Self-Perfectioncommented, Jul 16, 2021

I’ve tested F-Droid build v 1.18.0 and txt files opens as expected.

Thank you!

Catfriend1commented, Jul 16, 2021

Cool, thanks for the follow up 😃

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