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build: Support cmake --build

See original GitHub issue

As mentioned in #266, the cmake executable provides a --build option in version 2.8 and later, which calls the native build tool to build a package (see documentation below). This will enable using other generators (Ninja, Xcode, etc) for CMak-based packages.

Instead of directly calling make, we could use cmake --build. If we did this, the abstraction should be clear in the catkin command line interface. To do that, it might be necessary to change --make-args and --catkin-make-args to something that better reflects their generality.

This could be done in two three stages:

  • 1. For CMake-based build jobs, change all direct invocations of make {} to cmake --build --use-stderr -- {}. This would enable this as an “advanced” feature.
  • 2. Extract generator type from CMake -G option to control other features (e.g. disabling parallel packages).
  • 3. Update command-line interface to reflect the new advanced usage.

This supersedes #215.

cmake --build

       --build <dir>
              Build a CMake-generated project binary tree.

              This abstracts a native build tool's command-line interface with the following options:

                <dir>          = Project binary directory to be built.
                --target <tgt> = Build <tgt> instead of default targets.
                --config <cfg> = For multi-configuration tools, choose <cfg>.
                --clean-first  = Build target 'clean' first, then build.
                                 (To clean only, use --target 'clean'.)
                --use-stderr   = Don't merge stdout/stderr output and pass the
                                 original stdout/stderr handles to the native
                                 tool so it can use the capabilities of the
                                 calling terminal (e.g. colored output).
                --             = Pass remaining options to the native tool.

              Run cmake --build with no options for quick help.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tlobigcommented, Jan 17, 2020

Seems like this issue was kinda forgotten. been using the _tools for a while and never knew that _make supported ninja already. Is there going to be any progress on this?

qhdwightcommented, Jun 15, 2022

Ah thanks you @AlexisTM ! I will take a look and see if it would be possible to update and into a new PR.

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