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Parsing error: Klaxon drops parameters when using @TypeFor

See original GitHub issue

I try to deserialize objects of classes that are derieved from the Sensor class:

@TypeFor(field = "type", adapter = SensorTypeAdapter::class)
abstract class Sensor(val type: Type) {
    enum class Type { T1, T2, Test }

A test subclass looks like this:

class Test(val prop: String) : Sensor(Type.Test) 

And the TypeAdapter like this:

import com.beust.klaxon.TypeAdapter
import kotlin.reflect.KClass

class SensorTypeAdapter : TypeAdapter<Sensor> {
    override fun classFor(type: Any): KClass<out Sensor> =
        when (Sensor.Type.valueOf(type as String)) {
            Sensor.Type.Test -> Test::class
            else -> throw IllegalArgumentException("Unknown sensor type $type")

When trying to parse this I get the exception com.beust.klaxon.KlaxonException: Unable to instantiate Test with parameters []. So it seems to me that Klaxon found out which type to use (Test) but ignores all other parameters that can be found in the json:

    "type": "Test",
    "prop": "String"

I start the parsing by using a File object:


When removing the prop property from the json and the Test class the deserialisation works. How do I get it work with properties in my derieved class?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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cbeustcommented, Feb 12, 2019

Great suggestion, @wolpl, I just added this badge to the README.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

wolplcommented, Feb 12, 2019

As the build.gradle file shows and I mentioned above I used Klaxon 5.0.1. The error disappears when using Klaxon 5.0.5. Still it should not have worked in the example project because version 5.0.1 is used there…

@cbeust Thanks for your support. It would have helped to reference the latest version in the project readme - I had to find it manually at As of now applying the instructions in the readme (including version 5.0.1 via gradle) makes it impossible to use the polymorphism features described in the readme.

Perhaps a badge is a convenient solution to always show the latest available version: Download

 [ ![Download]( ](
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