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Simple pretty printing???????

See original GitHub issue

Add a parameter to toJsonString to take in a boolean for whether or not it should pretty print so we don’t have to reread the string into a JsonObject and then pretty print

Example of how it should not be: val builder = StringBuilder(Klaxon().toJsonString(object)) val result = (Parser().parse(builder) as JsonObject).toJsonString(true)

Example of how it should be: val result = Klaxon().toJsonString(object, prettyPrint = true)

Not only will this allow for less overhead, but the syntax would make more sense while also being pretty

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  • Created 5 years ago
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camdenorrbcommented, Dec 7, 2018

@markusmoormann This isn’t a syntax issue, the whole idea of converting it to a string just to parse it again just to convert it again is just stupid.

cbeustcommented, Feb 15, 2019

This is all getting a bit confusing 😃

How about people interested in a change send a pull request so I can see what they want?

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