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Below are some topics regarding the future of ccpwgl that I’d like to discuss. The following pull request has been created to support this discussion:

Matrix Library

Do we want to upgrade to a newer matrix library?

The latest glMatrix library from (a later version of the one used now) has some performance benefits, a much more logical and consistent argument order (the receiving object is almost always first) vs the current ( the receiving object is either the last or the first argument), more functionality and optimizations.


  • SIMD Support
  • Faster calculations
  • More functionality
  • Some complicated calculations have been reduced to single functions
  • vec2 functions
  • vec4 functions separated from quaternion functions
  • better naming conventions


  • Slightly more verbose in some situations
  • Requires refactoring of ccpwgl
  • Requires testing

Do we want to create and maintain our own library?

While the latest library has a lot of functionality it is lacking some basic scalar operations (I have included these in the pull request in the file ext.js) and it’s focus excludes any functionality for things like bounding boxes, bounding spheres, ray casting and planes (I have versions of these in testing presently).

There is no need for any of this extra functionality for ccpwgl to work with the new library as it is. Refactoring and replacing the current library is all that would be required.

However, my proposal is:

  • Create and maintain our own library based off the latest library
  • Extend scalar functionality (without creating a new file with those extensions as seen in my pull request)
  • Keep it separate from any ccpwgl files (as we have now)
  • Keep the different math categories in separate files
  • Provide a grunt process to build this library
  • Migrate all glMatrix and math functions that exist solely in ccpwgl_int to this library
  • Incrementally add non-core functionality (see list below)

I’d like to start adding (or see others adding) useful generic 3d library methods to enable quality applications to be made with minimal effort. Raycasting, colour picking and physics would be at the top of that list :3

I do not see this library having to be upgraded often once implemented so maintenance should be low.

Proposed Files and Folders


// base
/src/math/gl3.js - Generic

// core
/src/math/vec2.js - Vector 2
/src/math/vec3.js - Vector 3
/src/math/vec4.js - Vector 4
/src/math/quat.js - Quaternion
/src/math/mat3.js - Matrix 3x3
/src/math/mat4.js - Matrix 4x4

// extended
/src/math/clr.js - Colors
/src/math/box.js - Bounding Box
/src/math/sph.js - Bounding Sphere
/src/math/pln.js - Plane
/src/math/tri.js - Triangle/ Face
/src/math/ray.js - Ray casting

// build
/dist/ccpwgl_gl3.js - Unminified
/dist/ccpwgl_gl3.min.js - Minified

EMCAScript 6 / Typescript

A couple of months back I converted the ccpwgl_int files to ES6 and while I didn’t initially see any benefits as it was a pain to keep up to date, it did make extending the library easier, removed the need for a build process (apart from converting to ES5), made things a little more readable and simplified some of the code.

Would anyone apart from myself benefit from moving to ES6 (or to Typescript as some others have suggested)? And more importantly, would @filipppavlov want to maintain the library in this format. :3 I’d be willing to put in the hours to covert it again (and the 10k or so linting issues as well) but only if it was to become the standard version.

For the immediate future I propose that we introduce some build tasks to create versions of ccpwgl_int and the matrix library that support the ES6 import and export features. Included in the aforementioned pull request there is a working example of how this could work: grunt es6

Proposed Files and Folders


Compiled Files

Move all compiled files to /dist/. Users of ccpwgl would only need this folder for ccpwgl to work.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

regnercommented, Jul 18, 2016

Any chance of getting an NPM package built and published? Would be really slick to see something like Travis CI building the repo and publishing it.

cppctambercommented, Jul 30, 2016

Presently trying to decide on a format for the extended matrix and collidables methods for y’all to consider, of which I have multiple versions. Any input would be appreciated. I’ve included an example for each option which shows how you’d expand a Tw2 meshes’ bounding box by a given point (this isn’t necessarily something you’d want to do, just an example!).

var mesh = ship.wrappedObjects[0].mesh.geometryResource.meshes[0]

Match the style of the glMatrix libraries

 * Copies a box3 to another
 * @param {box3} out - Receiving box3
 * @param{box3} box - Box to copy
 * @returns {box3} out
box3.copy= function (out, box)
    out[0] = box[0];
    out[1] = box[1];
    out[2] = box[2];
    out[3] = box[3];
    out[4] = box[4];
    out[5] = box[5];
    return out;


// example
var bbox = box3.fromBounds(mesh.minBounds, mesh.maxBounds);
box3.addPoint(bbox, [ 100, 100, 100 ]);
box3.toBounds(bbox, mesh.minBounds, mesh.maxBounds);

Helper functions only, suited to ccpwgl’s coding style

 * Copies a bounding box's bounds
 * @param {vec3} outMin- Receiving min bounds
 * @param {vec3} outMax- Receiving max bounds
 * @param {vec3} boxMin - Min bounds to copy
 * @param {vec3} boxMax - Max bounds to copy
box.copy= function (outMin, outMax, boxMin, boxMax)
    vec3.copy(outMin, boxMin);
    vec3.copy(outMax, boxMax);


// example
box.addPoint(mesh.minBounds, mesh.maxBounds, [ 100, 100, 100 ]);

Add new Tw2Parameters

function Tw2BoxParameter(name, minBounds, maxBounds)
{ = name || '';
    this.min = vec3.fromValues(-Infinity, -Infinity, -Infinity);
    this.max = vec3.fromValues(Infinity, Infinity, Infinity);
    if (minBounds) vec3.copy(this.min, minBounds);
    if (maxBounds) vec3.copy(this.max, maxBounds);

Tw2BoxParameter.prototype.Copy = function(box)
    vec3.copy(this.min, box.min);
    vec3.copy(this.max, box.max);


// Example
var bbox = new Tw2BoxParameter('Example Box', mesh.minBounds, mesh.maxBounds);
bbox.toArrays(mesh.minBounds, mesh.maxBounds);

New Collidable constructors (wip)

Create a new Tw2CollidableAccumulator constructor and Tw2Collidable constructor which would be used in a similar way to Tw2BatchAccumulator and render batches. Collidables are collected (Planes, SpriteSets, SpotlightSets, Decals, Boosters, Mesh) and then operations are performed on them. All of the extended matrix functions could be added as static methods to these.

function Tw2CollidableAccumulator()
    this.collidables = [];
    this.count = 0;
    this._sortFunction = null;

Tw2Collidable.Cast = function(rayOrigin, rayDirection, optional, intersected)
    // perform ray casting operation on all accumulated collidables
    return intersected;


function Tw2Collidable(geometryProvider)
    this.type = '';
    this.visible = true;
    this.geometryProvider = null;
    this.minBounds = vec3.create();
    this.maxBounds = vec3.create();
    this.boundsSpherePosition = vec3.create();
    this.boundsSphereRadius = 0;
    this.pickingColor = quat4.create();
    this.pickingObjectID = 0;
    this.mode = 0;
    this.usage = Tw2CollidableBatch.BOX;
    this.worldTransform = mat4.create();
    this.transform = mat4.create();
    if (geometryProvider)

Tw2Collidable.CopyBox = function(a)
    vec3.copy(this.minBounds, a.minBounds);
    vec3.copy(this.maxBounds, a.maxBounds);

    if (this.geometryProvider !== null)
        vec3.copy(this.geometryProvider.minBounds, a.minBounds);
        vec3.copy(this.geometryProvider.maxBounds, a.maxBounds);

// Example
var bbox = new Tw2Collidable(mesh);

Extend Tw2Geometry constructors

Extend existing tw2 constructors with relevant methods.

// Example 1 (Updates bounding box and bounding sphere in one go)

// Example 2
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