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Move bootstrap to peerDependencies

See original GitHub issue

I think bootstrap should be in peerDependencies, so that bootstrap-vue-3 doesn’t install it’s own conflicting one in node_modules/bootstrap-vue-3/node_modules/bootstrap.

The instructions already say yarn add bootstrap bootstrap-vue-3

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  • Created 2 years ago
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Radouchcommented, Dec 14, 2021

I am not sure if I understand this topic correctly, but: I am trying to develop our own custom library with just few special components, based on Vue 3 + Bootstrap 5. As this library should be used in Vue 3 + Bootstrap 5 applications, any of its component does not import Bootstrap nor Bootstrap-Icons (I use Storybook for development, so Bootstrap is imported in stories, not in component itself, mimicking the real application inside which my component will be used). So the build size of my library is relatively small (~ tens of kBs).

Now I tried to incorporate bootstrap-vue-3 library to use its BTable component. Even if I import only BTable component with import { BTable } from "bootstrap-vue-3"; build size of my library increased to 1+ MB as BTable “injected” whole Bootstrap and especially Bootstrap Icons into the build.

It would be great if Bootstrap could be really externalized from bootstrap-vue-3.

mariusacommented, Feb 9, 2022

Got it

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