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Pressing the escape key closing a <BModal> does not emit an update to v-model value.

See original GitHub issue

Hey community I hope you are all well.

I just realized, that when showing a <BModal> and closing the modal with the escape key, the modal’s v-model binding is not updated, leading to issues when wanting to reshow the modal.

See for a reproduction of this issue.

This issue has the same systemic root cause as #657, as bootstrap-vue-3’s events are quite detached from bootstrap’s events. This might or should raise concern, whether it is really manageable to predict and cover these often unapparent corner cases, or whether there should be another strategy, such as #658.

Best regards Markus

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  • Created a year ago
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VividLemoncommented, Sep 16, 2022

Just another perspective: There might be a valid UX-Unit-Test in the future to just these corner-cases (Escape, Aria, Back key (?)).

Due to the teleport in BModal, I was having issues when targeting the component when component testing. As such, BModal is not currently covered by tests. Eventually it will contain tests for all of those.

Atokuluscommented, Sep 16, 2022

Dear @devhus and @VividLemon I can totally support this side as well, as it gets much more clear for the developer to read bootstrap-vue-3’s code, so in the end it does not really matter to me.

Please just consider there are currently and in the future many more UX concepts e.g. for impaired people, and bootstrap seems to handle them quite well. It can get frustrating quite fast to keep up with these changes 😉

Best regards and many thanks for your insights 😀 Markus

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