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sudo vs real root

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Hi, this is not really an “issue”, but rather, a question…

If I run: tzupdate -a

Answer is: Set system timezone to America/New_York.

Cool thing is, tzupdate also changed the time on my system!

Sun Jan 14 22:41:19 EST 2018

But, if I run tzupdate as regular, non-root user, using sudo: sudo tzupdate -a

Answer is: Set system timezone to America/New_York.

Which is what I want, but running the date command shows:

Mon Jan 15 03:42:48 UTC 2018

Why is it? Why is it NOT updating the time, when run through sudo?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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eriktuxcommented, Jan 16, 2018

It works! Thank you so much. I’ve been banging my head on the wall for a while, because of this 😉

cdowncommented, Jan 16, 2018

Yeah, having TZ set to UTC will do that.

It’s probably set somewhere in your bash profile/rc, or the global one. There are some tips on finding out where it may have came from here:

For now, you can also do unset TZ; date.

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