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Release the new BertQA class trained on SQUAD (GPU + CPU Version)

See original GitHub issue

@fmikaelian As we modified the BertQA() class, the .joblib models we released are not based on the same class structure anymore.

We should retrain it using the new version of BertQA() and release them.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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andrelmfariascommented, Jun 1, 2019

I did not do it with this particular model, but I have already worked with other models in Pytorch sending the model to CPU than back to GPU.

The Pytorch library is built in a way that by doing this operation we should not expect any effect on performances. When we send a model and/or tensors to a device (“cpu” or “cuda”) all the parameters of the model remain the same and do not have their parameters changed, they are just sent to the device memory. As all the tensors and parameters have the same value after this operation, the model is exactly a copy of the original model but allocated in another space of memory (the device memory)

andrelmfariascommented, May 31, 2019

Great news!! Do you plan to update this new CPU model in the releases?

Yes, I just released the new CPU model

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