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Celery 4.0 and the future of django-celery project

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Hi guys! So celery v4.0 has been released, and according to the new docs, there are dedicated Django extensions that seem to overlap with, if not deprecate, this project for newer versions of Python and Django.

Will this be the direction moving forward? Specifically the django-celery package should only be used if one is using Django<=1.8 with Celery<=3.1, and one should update libraries whenever possible.

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maleficecommented, Nov 11, 2016

Actually the feature that matters most to me is the ability to create periodic tasks via the admin interface. For many use cases, specifying the schedules in is sufficient.

However, in my use case, where the same concept of a particular task is shared across different clients, departments, or organizations, but each has a different schedule and/or has different args/kwargs passed into the same task function, and said schedules may change on a whim, manually editing the file is not sustainable.

Moreover, I can sleep more soundly if I give support personnel limited access to the admin interface to edit those tasks VS giving them shell access and let them edit production code. IMO, that alone is enough to make this a must-have package instead of an optional one. Kind of like pytz is to Django.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification! At least now we know that deprecation of this project is indeed the direction. I will start using the new packages when I get the chance.

auvipycommented, Jan 15, 2017

@arcivanov I understand what you meant

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