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Skipping a Task with an active prompt

See original GitHub issue

In one of my use cases, I would like the user to press a key if they want to interrupt the current task, otherwise continue on.

For example, I have an enquirer prompt that is something like the following Press any key to abort, otherwise continuing in 10 seconds...

However, when I skip the task while the prompt is active, the task get skipped but the prompt is still active in the background.

If I try to cancel the prompt, I always get hit with an error so that too exits the pipeline

    enquirer.on("prompt", async prompt => {
      await delay(10000);

Lastly, if I try to skip the prompt with the built in skip function (which accepts a Promise<boolean> type), the prompt disappears into the background but is still active until it gets skipped

const status = await task.prompt({
    name: "continue",
    type: "input",
    message: `Press any key to abort, continuing in 10 seconds otherwise`,
    skip: async () => {
        await delay(10000);
        return true;

What would be the appropriate approach for this pattern? I can make a contribution for it as well

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cenk1cenk2commented, Sep 19, 2020

This should work for examples, no need to build them if I get you correctly.

yarn example examples/get-user-input.example.ts

If you install all the dependencies as you did to build the project, I think linking should work but enquirer is not installed as production dependency. So I am not sure what went wrong.

The easier way of doing this is running the docker-compose stack and linking the package to your project via npm. Since it will recompile on changes.

cenk1cenk2commented, Sep 19, 2020

Yeah I agree on that part as well.

If ctrl-c -> error via skip or cancelledprompt or such -> no error, just carry on

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