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all: refactor by extraction code for conversion from timestampStr to microseconds

See original GitHub issue

I noticed while reviewing that there is a legacy duplication of code to convert between timestamp strings to microseconds that is

and with that PR there will be three sites with the same code pattern.

I propose that we refactor that code by extracting it to a small helper function

def datetimeStrToMicroseconds(timestamp):
   Convert a timestamp string into a microsecond value as required by Zipkin.
   It returns an int
   dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(timestamp, ISO_DATETIME_REGEX)
   mUs = (calendar.timegm(dt.timetuple()) * 1e6) + dt.microsecond
   return int(round(mUs))

which will then reduce all those call sites to simply

start_timestamp_mus = datetimeStrToMicroseconds(span.start_time)
end_timestamp_mus = datetimeStrToMicroseconds(span.end_time)
epoch_time_mus = datetimeStrToMicroseconds(time_event.timestamp)

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odeke-emcommented, Sep 25, 2018

Great catch, perhaps then we need to put that in the utilities path if any exists, so that we can use that function across the entire repo.

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