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Duplicated messages in Azure Application Insights

See original GitHub issue


Python 3.9.6 - 64 bit Windows 10 pip 21.3.1 opencensus==0.8.0 opencensus-context==0.1.2 opencensus-ext-azure==1.1.0

Steps to reproduce

I tried running the following code in mutliple places including new venvs that have just the opencensus-ext-azure library

import logging

from import AzureLogHandler

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

handler = AzureLogHandler(connection_string="<My-InstrumentationKey>")

properties = {"custom_dimensions": {"key_1*****": "value_1", "key_2********": "value_2"}}
logger.error("Error 12 : Hello, World!", extra=properties)

What is the expected behavior?

We expect to see 1 message in the traces table in application insights

What is the actual behavior?

Duplicate records with the exact timestamp : image

Additional info

I am aware of the issue #901 and i think it’s not the same cause.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

corticalstackcommented, Jan 10, 2022

@lzchen adding of the AzureLogHandler multiple times to the root logger was indeed the issue for me (even though I had it wrapped arounf check of streamlit session state, but thats another issue).

Resolved by checking length of logger handlers. Thanks!

if len(logger.handlers) == 0:
corticalstackcommented, Dec 22, 2021

@simonsben seen that many time repeat of same telemtry as well

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