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Tracer emits although using `AlwaysOffSampler`

See original GitHub issue

I’d expect that using AlwaysOffSampler the tracer is silent, but it in fact spams the console. Here is a minimal example:

from opencensus.trace import tracer as tracer_module
from opencensus.trace.samplers import AlwaysOffSampler

tracer = tracer_module.Tracer(sampler=AlwaysOffSampler())

with tracer.span(name='should-not-trace') as span:

It prints:

[SpanData(name='should-not-trace', context=<opencensus.trace.span_context.SpanContext object at 0x7ff7ac107978>, span_id='4ac72045f7064ac2', parent_span_id=None, attributes={}, start_time='2018-11-22T08:42:32.096948Z', end_time='2018-11-22T08:42:32.096951Z', child_span_count=0, stack_trace=None, time_events=[], links=[], status=None, same_process_as_parent_span=None, span_kind=0)]

Doc-string of AlwaysOffSampler says “Do not trace any requests”. This is not what I’d expect then.

If for any reason this is the intended behavior, please suggest how I can turn tracing off completely. Thanks!

EDIT: I am on Python 3 with opencensus 0.1.5

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6 (4 by maintainers)

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liyanhui1228commented, Nov 27, 2018

Yep will add that to readme! I’ll go ahead to close this issue and feel free to reopen if you find anything else.

cbpygitcommented, Nov 27, 2018

Thank you very much @liyanhui1228, this helps a lot. I guess it would be sufficient if you add this on/off switching somewhere in the Readme. Should be quite regularly needed to e.g. define an environment variable that allows for easy on/off of tracing.

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