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Error after receiving web socket connection

See original GitHub issue

After a successful web socket connection, I get a TypeError:

centrifuge.js?4f09:1144 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'client')
    at Centrifuge._connectResponse (centrifuge.js?4f09:1144:1)
    at eval (centrifuge.js?4f09:721:1)
  1. Error -
  2. Success connected in network - ,
  3. Line error -

code is on the client:

useEffect(() => {
    const centrifuge = new Centrifuge('ws://localhost:8001/connection/websocket', {
      debug: true,
      getToken: async (ctx) => {
        const response = await WebSocketApi.jwt(ctx)


    // const sub = centrifuge.newSubscription('channel');

    centrifuge.on('connected', function (ctx) {
      console.log('Connected:', ctx)

    centrifuge.on('connecting', function (ctx) {
      console.log('Connecting:', ctx)

    centrifuge.on('disconnected', function (ctx) {
      console.log('Disconnected:', ctx)

    centrifuge.on('error', function (ctx) {
      console.log('Error:', ctx)

    // sub.on('publication', function(ctx) {
    //     console.log('Publication:',;
    // });
    // sub.subscribe();


    return () => centrifuge.disconnect()
  }, [dispatch])


    image: centrifugo/centrifugo:4.0.1
      - ./api/docker/common/centrifugo/config.json:/centrifugo/config.json
    command: centrifugo -c config.json --admin
      CENTRIFUGO_SECRET: centrifugo_secret
      CENTRIFUGO_ADMIN_PASSWORD: centrifugo_admin_password
      CENTRIFUGO_ADMIN_SECRET: centrifugo_admin_secret
      CENTRIFUGO_API_KEY: jPE0aEYwqO5nwXH2omiEQB2A5cIXjcijcjGUuJ2k4jji8DVNNA2IonePfUWDmO1s
      - 8001:8001
        soft: 65535
        hard: 65535
      - traefik-public
      - default
      - traefik.enable=true
      - traefik.http.routers.centrifugo.rule=Host(`centrifugo.localhost`)
      - traefik.http.routers.centrifugo.entryPoints=http


    "port": 8001,
    "engine": "memory",
    "api_key": "secret",
    "allowed_origins": [
    "use_client_protocol_v1_by_default": true,
    "skip_user_check_in_subscription_token": true,
    "proxy_connect_endpoint": "http://api/api/v1/centrifugo/connect",
    "proxy_http_headers": [
    "namespaces": [
            "name": "personal",
            "allow_user_limited_channels": true,
            "allow_subscribe_for_client": true
            "name": "ticket_buying",
            "allow_user_limited_channels": true,
            "allow_subscribe_for_client": true
            "name": "raffle",
            "allow_user_limited_channels": true,
            "allow_subscribe_for_client": true
            "name": "advice_blog",
            "allow_user_limited_channels": true,
            "allow_subscribe_for_client": true
            "name": "transaction",
            "allow_user_limited_channels": true,
            "allow_subscribe_for_client": true
    "allow_user_limited_channels": true,
    "allow_subscribe_for_client": true

proxy_connect_endpoint response:



  • centrifuge-js:3.0.1
  • centrifugo/centrifugo:4.0.1
  • react:18.2.0
  • next:12.2.5

As I understood, the centrifugo itself accepts the response from the server and sends it to the client, but for some reason it does not work for the client, please tell me what I am doing wrong

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  • Created a year ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

FZambiacommented, Oct 21, 2022

Welcome, hope all working now! Join our community rooms btw (most active in Telegram)

FZambiacommented, Oct 21, 2022

You mean subs? Yes, subs are not appended to ConnectedContext -

Though if you have code like this:

centrifuge.on('subscribed', function (ctx) {
      console.log('Subscribed on server-side channel:', ctx)

– then it will be called for each channel in subs. See

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