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Deciding on package names

See original GitHub issue

Related to release we want to improve package naming in the name of consistency!

There are basically two levels of changes.

  1. We will remove “type of package” from the name. So no provider or module in the name. That allows for freedom to make a provider a module and a module a provider, bumping its major version

  2. We can move to a scope type of packages. From NPM docs scoped packages is a way to group related packages and give you full freedom in naming the actual package

The two comments below shows each level of change, where we most certainly will do 1… but will need to vote on 2.

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christianalfonicommented, May 5, 2017

About client/server, I do not think it needs to be reflected in naming. function-tree and cerebral can both be used on client and server. The important thing is that function-tree-firebase does not crash with cerebral-firebase. It is very clear and precise not using scopes. Where the specific package is to be used is in the docs of the package.

So I want to conclude on this now, summarizing all package names for release:

cerebral cerebral-firebase cerebral-forms (cerebral-provider-forms) cerebral-http cerebral-storage cerebral-router cerebral-shortcuts cerebral-useragent

function-tree function-tree-firebase-admin

christianalfonicommented, May 4, 2017

Remove type from name

cerebral cerebral-forms cerebral-useragent cerebral-router cerebral-firebase cerebral-http

function-tree function-tree-firebase-admin

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