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[BUG] memory leak caused by overmind during SSR when using createOvermindSSR

See original GitHub issue

UPDATE 29 September 2020: We have discovered a memory leak.

On our server we use nodejs + express + server side rendering with overmind. During SSR we have several functions initialize, each one calls 1-3 effects.gql.queries.someGQLAction. Example:

export const initialize = withCatchDuringInitializeSSR(
  async ({ state, effects }: SSRConfig) => {
    const productsResponse = await effects.gql.queries.getProducts()

    const products = overmindNormalize(
    ); = products;

This effect is based on Overmind graphql addon

Once we deployed the code we noticed memory leaks reflected in our memory charts:

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 3 55 20 PM

investigating with the help of heap profiler over consecutive snapshots we noticed that memory is held by one function:

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 1 19 41 PM

it seems this function is the source of the leak. We don’t know exactly why. Here is the stack:

  1. our initialize.ts function with effect call
  2. overmind-graphql internals
  3. graphql-request/src/index.ts --> GraphQLClient.prototype.request
  4. graphql-request/node-modules/node-fetch/lib/index.js json()

json() looks like:

    json() {
      var _this2 = this;
      return (buffer) { // <--- leak is caused by this function
        try {
          return JSON.parse(buffer.toString());
        } catch (err) {
          return Body.Promise.reject(...));

overmind-graphql 5.0.2 uses old version of graphql-request 1.8.2 (last 3.1.0), that in turn uses cross-fetch 2.2.2 (last 3.0.6) and cross fetch uses node-fetch 2.1.2 (last 2.6.1) I believe if overmind-graphql updates graphql-request to the latest version problem can vanish. Probably this PR can be just merged?

UPDATE 1 October 2020: We discovered the source of the leak. It is overmind itself, not the dependency. Not sure why heap profiler shows function from node-fetch as a bottleneck, probably because objects that are held in memory are coming from this function.


Overmind places Symbols into objects each time we render page on the server. If we supply config to createOvermindSSR it adds symbols there and since config is a global object it holds Symbols and Symbols hold references to objects which are not needed once rendered page sent back to client. Garbage collector can’t free them up.

it also happens if let’s say I have global constant:

export const PRODUCTS = { product_1: { array_1: [] }, product_2: { array_2: [] }  }

and then during SSR I place it into state:

state.products = PRODUCTS

then Overmind pollutes this global constant with Symbols on each server page render which leads to memory leak.

If it is still not clear @christianalfoni I will try to provide reproducible demo later once I have time.

UPDATE 1 October 2020:

I created small repo with reproduction of the problem:

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

christianalfonicommented, Feb 19, 2021

Great! Thanks for reporting 😄

SergeiKalachevcommented, Feb 19, 2021

@christianalfoni sorry for the late reply. I had a chance to test it. I upgraded to the version 27.0.0 and removed my workaround for avoiding memory leak. It seems the memory leak is no longer there:

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 9 12 48 AM

Chart looks quite smooth. It goes slowly up but I think it will reach some point and stop at it (based on the data for previous days). Thank you very much for the fix!

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