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Feature Request: Toggle via commandline

See original GitHub issue

I’d like a way to toggle cerebro on via the commandline, instead of via a hotkey. The reason is that I use my window manager to do all my other keyboard remapping, and it would be nice to have it all in one place. The idea is that calling a new command cerebro-toggle from the commandline would be the equivalent of hitting the hot-key. Oh, and providing a way to disable the hotkey would be nice too. If running and in the tray it’s still available via right-click, after all.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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AXGKlcommented, Jun 12, 2018

ok, I’m not a big javascripter but listening on a udp sock was simple enough for one funny hack for getting cerebro working in gnome/wayland:

In the git version go to /app/main/createWindow.js

+ function listen_udp() {
+     const dgram = require('dgram');
+     const server = dgram.createSocket('udp4');
+     server.on('error', (err) => {
+           server.close();
+     });
+     server.on('message', (msg, rinfo) => {
+           showMainWindow()
+     });
+     server.on('listening', () => {
+           const address = server.address();
+           console.log(`server listening ${address.address}:${address.port}`);
+     });
+     server.bind(41234);
+ }
+    listen_udp()

so that you can toggle it via an echo "a" > /dev/udp/ which you put into a script and bind that to the Ctrl-Space gnome hotkey.

infokillercommented, Mar 20, 2017

Thanks @maximbaz ! For my use cases starting it is enough (no need for the hiding of a toggle functionality).

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