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Unable to run AppImage on Arch Linux

See original GitHub issue

When running the AppImage on Arch Linux, after making it executable, I get the following error:

/tmp/.mount_NUsefC/AppRun: line 77: 21426 Aborted (core dumped) LD_LIBRARY_PATH="" zenity --question --title="$TITLE" --text="$TEXT" 2> /dev/null

This is using the latest release, 0.2.3.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:8 (5 by maintainers)

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maximbazcommented, Feb 6, 2017

I’ve scripted the upgrade procedure for the AUR package, it now requires running one command ./ 0.2.4 to push the update.

@KELiON if you ever have an environment where you automatically build and deploy new releases, just ping me, I’ll give you access and everything so that you can run this command there as well.

For now, anyone can use this link to send me a notification that a new version is released, and I will run the upgrade command manually.

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning in the file about the existence of all community packages, so that people can find them easier.

As for this particular github issue, I think it is ready to be closed 😃

maximbazcommented, Feb 1, 2017

AUR is a community-driven repository for people using Arch-based distros.

The first script I created downloads *.tar.gz file from the Github releases page (the other one just clones master branch), then they install all necessary dependencies like npm, run all build commands like npm install, create binaries specific to the user’s CPU architecture, place them in correct locations, create symlinks in /usr/bin, put icons, *.desktop file and license files in corresponding locations.

Basically every other user of Arch-based distro can now get the latest cerebro built specifically for their CPU architecture with one command. Same goes for updates, they will receive cerebro updates with the same approach as they receive system updates.

However the maintenance is required, not for the cerebro-git (that one just always takes master branch in whatever state it is), but for the cerebro, because there I hardcoded the latest release number.

It would be super-cool if we could somehow automate that. The package is a git repo, where with each release we need to update the version and sha256 sum of the *.tar.gz, run a command that generates some metadata, and do a git push. Can you think of a place where we could automatically execute this sequence of commands with every release?

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