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Vim like movement keys

See original GitHub issue

Hi, just installed cerebro and I have to say that I’m quite enjoying it. I was opening this issue to check whether you’d be happy for me to implement a feature that I would quite like to have.

I use spacemacs and vimium and am quite used to using vim-like command keys to navigate around. I was wondering if it would be ok for me to add these to cerebro.

For instance, Ctrl+j would go down Ctrl+k would go up, Ctrl+h would go left and Ctrl+l would go right.

If it’s not wanted generally we could put them behind a feature flag in the settings. What do you think?

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maximbazcommented, Mar 5, 2017

It doesn’t have to be one or another, the shortcuts <kbd>Ctrl+j/k/h/l/n/p</kbd> are unused now and can be added right away, for everyone, not controlled by any settings - and for some people that would be enough.

The command mode is a different beast, it has to be hidden in the settings and disabled by default, otherwise people will just be confused a lot. But it potentially provides much more control than a simple navigation.

KELiONcommented, Mar 13, 2017

Ok, summarizing:

There are two steps of implementation.

Lightweight vim-mode

On first step we just add few more shortcuts: <kbd>ctrl+hjkl</kbd> – navigate in results (the same as arrows now) <kbd>ctrl+o</kbd> – select (=== <kbd>enter</kbd>)

Hardcore vim-mode

  • We add a checkbox to settings to active this feature
  • We introduce two modes:

Insert mode

It works, like Cerebro works now. Only one exception <kbd>esc</kbd> switches app to command mode, instead of closing the window

Command mode

In this mode you can’t change input term, but you have more powerfull commands, like

<kbd>hjkl</kbd> – navigate in results (the same as arrows in insert mode) <kbd>o</kbd> – select (=== <kbd>enter</kbd>) <kbd>i</kbd> – switch app back to insert mode <kbd>q</kbd> – close the window

Any more thoughts?

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