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Also copy ThirdParty/Workers

See original GitHub issue

@nmschulte brought up the following solution here:

 new CopyWebpackPlugin([
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, 'Assets'), to: 'Assets'},
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, 'Widgets'), to: 'Widgets'},
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, 'ThirdParty'), to: 'ThirdParty'}
    new CopyWebpackPlugin([
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, '../Build/Cesium/ThirdParty/Workers'), to: 'ThirdParty/Workers'},
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, '../Build/Cesium/Workers'), to: 'Workers'}

This update should be reflected in the tutorial as well.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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thw0rtedcommented, Dec 21, 2017

Dumb question: if I have Build/ThirdParty, and Build/Workers, why do I also need the ones from Source? Mine seems to be working with just

new CopyPlugin([{
    from: path.join(cesiumSource, "Assets"),
    to: cesiumTarget + "/Assets",
}, {
    from: path.join(cesiumBuild, "ThirdParty"),
    to: cesiumTarget + "/ThirdParty",
}, {
    from: path.join(cesiumSource, "Widgets"),
    to: cesiumTarget + "/Widgets",
}, {
    from: path.join(cesiumBuild, "Workers"),
    to: cesiumTarget + "/Workers",
nmschultecommented, Dec 21, 2017

I’m not sure what’s going on here without digging, but the .glsl files are built to .js, and the .js is what’s actually imported and used by the library.

Ahh! I see what’s going on now, I was getting confused referencing the Git repository vs the npm registry package. While the repository here on GitHub includes the Cesium releases (Build/), it doesn’t include the in-place transformed GLSL -> JS, and the Build/ directory seems to be for an older release which did not include FXAA3_11 code (hence no reference in the Build/CesiumUnminified directory). The package in the npm registry has all of the necessary bits.

There’s no need to worry about the FXAA3_11 GLSL specially, Webpack will properly pick up the .js file and include it in the bundle (assuming it’s there; so make sure you use the npm registry package, or issue a gulp build if using the Git repository).

This sources all non-JS from the “built+minified” directory, because we’re relying on it anyway (to filter Widgets to non-JS contents, and to grab the pre-built Web Workers), so might as well go all-in.

    new CopyWebpackPlugin([
        // copy Cesium's non-JS assets
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, '../Build/Cesium/Assets'), to: 'Assets'},
        // copy Cesium's non-JS widget-bits (CSS, SVG, etc.)
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, '../Build/Cesium/Widgets'), to: 'Widgets'},
        // copy Cesium's Almond-bundled-and-minified Web Worker scripts
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, '../Build/Cesium/Workers'), to: 'Workers'},
        // copy Cesium's minified third-party scripts
        {from: path.join(paths.cesiumSource, '../Build/Cesium/ThirdParty/Workers'), to: 'ThirdParty/Workers'},
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