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Ability to include additional libraries in the Nifi containers

See original GitHub issue

Database processors need database drivers libraries in the Nifi containers.

The current hack is:

kubectl cp ./postgresql-42.2.6.jar fadi/fadi-nifi-0:/opt/nifi/postgresql-42.2.6.jar
rm postgresql-42.2.6.jar

It would be nice to be able to specify a list of libraries that would be downloaded and put in nifi_home/lib as an additional option.

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alexnuttinckcommented, Aug 27, 2019

I propose to use a postStart as explained here:

We will have something like:

      command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", "your command to add the lib to the container"]

If you have a better idea, don’t hesitate.

alexnuttinckcommented, Aug 27, 2019

@terence-bigtt yes, we could have an extra volumeMount to give the possibility to create other volume mounts , something like this:

          {{- range .Values.extraVolumeMounts }}
            - name: {{ .name }}
              mountPath: {{ .mountPath }}
              subPath: {{ .subPath | default "" }}
          {{- end }}

      {{- range .Values.extraVolumeMounts }}
        - name: {{ .name }}
            claimName: {{ .existingClaim }}
      {{- end }}

for the values.yaml

# Defines additional volume mounts.
extraVolumeMounts: []
  # - name: extra-volume
  #   mountPath: /mnt/volume
  #   existingClaim: volume-claim
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