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Complex if() freezes analysis

See original GitHub issue

Trying to analyze the following, rather complex, if() statement will freeze analysis. No error or anything, just hanging there until manually killed.

component {
  function foo() {
    if (keys[i] == sectionActionsName && !loadSectionFreeSkills && !loadSectionActions && !loadSectionActionsContact && !loadSectionActionsHistory && !loadSectionComment
        || keys[i] == sectionProfileName && !loadSectionProfile
        || keys[i] == sectionLanguagesName && !loadSectionLanguages
        || keys[i] == sectionExperienceWidgetName && !loadSectionProfile && !loadSectionExperience
        || keys[i] == sectionProfileName && !loadSectionProfile
        || keys[i] == sectionExperienceName && !loadSectionExperience
        || keys[i] == sectionSkillsName && !loadSectionSkills
        || keys[i] == sectionFreeSkillsName && !loadSectionFreeSkills
        || keys[i] == sectionFunctionsName && !loadSectionFunctions
        || keys[i] == sectionEducationName && !loadSectionEducation
        || keys[i] == sectionAttachmentName && !loadSectionAttachment
    ) {
        // do something

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

jevans-gpcommented, May 2, 2017

that’s terrible code, as a human i freeze reading it.

ryaneberlycommented, Jun 17, 2017

This is fixed in cfparser 2.4.6 (coming to maven soon)

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