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JWT: Support for x509 PEM cert

See original GitHub issue

Hello! Thanks for the nice work!

To provide a bit of backgorund , I am trying to use firebase authentication on cf workers environment. So I was trying to use this package until I find out, firebase-auth doesn’t provide JWKS.json instead they provide "public keys in (pem) format , to verify signature. Here are the keys for reference,

Is there a plan to support verifying JWT with public keys in this package? If you can give some hint on how to generate jwk from public keys, or if you think there is another way to do it, I would be happy to create a PR for the feature.


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m3haricommented, Dec 19, 2020

@jdanyow We were able to convert x509 certificate to CryptoKey following that blog post, but at the end it turns out firebase publishes JWKs with standard format here , though they don’t mention it in the docs. So we decided to use that.

As you can see firebase don’t publish the keys in the standard /.well-known/jwks.json path.

I will make a PR to cover such cases. I think adding optional keyset parameter will make it flexible.

jdanyowcommented, Dec 11, 2020

The keys you linked appear to be PEM encoded x509 certs. I found a blog post that describes how to parse these and eventually use importKey to get a CryptoKey. Assuming all that works you could then export the CryptoKey as a jwk that @cfworker/jwt can use.


// ... logic from blog post ...
// ...
// ...
const publicKey: CryptoKey = await crypto.subtle.importKey(/* logic from blog post */);
// export as jwk that @cfworker/jwt can use.
const jwk = await crypto.subtle.exportKey('jwk', publicKey);

Then you can pass the jwk to @cfworker/jwt’s importKey function (below). issuer should match the iss value found in the JWTs you’re trying to validate.

Hope that helps!

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