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Document how to use this if Keycloak is on the classpath

See original GitHub issue

Thank you for this project. It is just what I needed for my @WebMvcTest tests in my Spring Boot project. I am using Spring Boot 2.2.6 with keycloak-spring-boot-starter 9.0.0.

After adding:


to my project, I also had to do the following things:

  1. Create a custom meta-annotation for all my webmvc tests:
@ContextConfiguration(classes = MyProjectRestControllerTestConfiguration.class)
public @interface MyProjectRestControllerTest {
     * @see WebMvcTest#value
    @AliasFor(annotation = WebMvcTest.class, attribute = "value")
    Class<?>[] value() default {};

     * @see WebMvcTest#controllers
    @AliasFor(annotation = WebMvcTest.class, attribute = "controllers")
    Class<?>[] controllers() default {};

  1. I created a custom @TestConfiguration for my test:
@Import({KeycloakAutoConfiguration.class, WebSecurityConfiguration.class})
public class MyProjectRestControllerTestConfiguration {
    public KeycloakSpringBootConfigResolver keycloakSpringBootConfigResolver() {
        return new KeycloakSpringBootConfigResolver();

Where WebSecurityConfiguration is my actual production security config class:

public class WebSecurityConfiguration extends KeycloakWebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {

    public void configureGlobal(AuthenticationManagerBuilder builder) {
        KeycloakAuthenticationProvider provider = new KeycloakAuthenticationProvider();
        provider.setGrantedAuthoritiesMapper(new SimpleAuthorityMapper());

    protected SessionAuthenticationStrategy sessionAuthenticationStrategy() {
        return new RegisterSessionAuthenticationStrategy(new SessionRegistryImpl());

    protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
            .antMatchers("/actuator/info", "/actuator/health").permitAll()
  1. Next, I added in src/test/resources:
# Properties are here for proper startup. Keycloak is not actually used in @WebMvcTest tests
  1. Finally my test self:
class UserRestControllerTest {

    private MockMvc mockMvc;

    void testOwnUserDetails() throws Exception {
        KeycloakAuthRequestPostProcessor keycloakAuthRequestPostProcessor = new KeycloakAuthRequestPostProcessor()
                .roles("user", "admin")
                .idToken(idToken -> {


Might be good to add something similar to the documentation, as most people will have Keycloak on the classpath in their project (unlike the example in your repo currently).

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ch4mpycommented, Apr 29, 2020

I’ll try some investigation and maybe open a Keykloak ticket.

pvannieropcommented, Apr 30, 2020

@ch4mpy @wimdeblauwe

I have created controller tests similar to the sample project and all works fine!

However … when running integration tests that use the full application context I found that one change proposed by @wimdeblauwe is essential which is moving the bean definition of KeyloakSpringBootConfigResolver to a class separate from the projects central KeycloakConfig.

This change involves creating a dedicated class that imports the central config and annotating the bean witrh @Primary, like so:

@Import({KeycloakAutoConfiguration.class, KeycloakConfig.class})
public class KeycloakTestConfiguration {
    public KeycloakSpringBootConfigResolver testKeycloakSpringBootConfigResolver() {
        return new KeycloakSpringBootConfigResolver();

If I do this both unit and integration tests run fine. I have no clue why this is any different from the unit level tests.

It would be nice to somehow document this or integrate this into the sample project, just to prevent this problem. B.t.w. for reference the exception thrown when not implementing this is:

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCurrentlyInCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'keycloakConfigResolver': Requested bean is currently in creation: Is there an unresolvable circular reference?
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