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Floating Labels in Chakra-UI. This topic has come up a couple of times, and given that it has a11y advantages and it is a very popular style, I think it should be part of Chakra-UI. Either as a Guide or as part of the Library.

See more: chakra-ui/chakra-ui#1744 chakra-ui/chakra-ui#5120

Problem Statement/Justification

This topic came up a couple of times, but I haven’t found a solution posted yet.

Proposed Solution or API

Add floating as a variant to FormControl form.ts Sample:

export default {
  parts: parts.keys,
  variants: {
    floating: {
      container: {
        _focusWithin: {
          label: {
            transform: "scale(0.825) translateY(-24px) translateX(-10px)",
        "input:not(:placeholder-shown) + label": {
          transform: "scale(0.825) translateY(-24px) translateX(-10px)",
        label: {
          top: 0,
          left: 0,
          zIndex: 2,
          position: "absolute",
          backgroundColor: "white",
          mx: 3,
          px: 1,
          my: 2,


 <FormControl variant="floating" id="first-name" isRequired isInvalid>
    <Input placeholder=" " /> // <- Input needs to be before FormLabel for CSS Selector
    <FormLabel>First name</FormLabel>
    <FormHelperText>Keep it very short and sweet!</FormHelperText>
    <FormErrorMessage>Your First name is invalid</FormErrorMessage>


As @segunadebayo recommended in a previous ticket, this could go in as a Guide / Recipe.

Additional Information

I have built this with various approaches in client projects at this point and I figured I can put a more formal solution together to bring back into the library. Just let me know which route you want to go and I can toss something together.

Admittedly, i am a bit worried how stable it will be as part of the library, since some of the properties will be dependent on input styles. Which makes this a safer addition as a guide.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Patrick-Ullrichcommented, Jan 16, 2022

@a-rezz The PR has examples for <Select, <Textarea, and <Input. Let me know if you were looking for anything else.

The key for selects is to add something for .chakra-select__wrapper + label.

Full example is here:

a-rezzcommented, Jan 12, 2022

Thanks for your work on this and helping make a solution more visible to the community. I’ll let you know if I have any ideas or come up with something for Select. Been trying to work out a css solution as well

Read more comments on GitHub >

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