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Make flag sniffing optional

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Although the heuristics for inspecting process.argv via hasFlag() are pretty reasonable, they are by no means foolproof and can lead to false positives and negatives. It would be nice if it were possible to use the functionality of supportLevel() without any of the hasFlag() logic. I believe the remaining logic would be a function of:

  • process.env.CI
  • process.env.TEAMCITY_VERSION
  • process.env. COLORTERM
  • process.env.TERM
  • process.stdout
  • process.platform

It would be even more flexible if it were possible to pass in the process object so that it could be mocked and/or used from another process.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

isaacscommented, Jul 17, 2016

I decided that actually most of what this module does is not quite what I want, and what I actually want is a similar concept but almost entirely different behavior, so I just wrote what I wanted in JS rather than try to describe it here 😃

isaacscommented, Jul 17, 2016

Another use-case: in node-tap you can pass --color to enable colors, and -c is a shorthand. I’d like to add support for --color=256 and also for -c256 as a shorthand, but if that means I’d have to either duplicate the work of supports-color, or conflict with it.

Also, reading the env for things like FORCE_COLORS is a nice default, but it can be weird. Most utilities have their own “turn colors on” type of environment variable, which is useful since you may not want an uncolored ls to pipe into a colored grep or whatever.

Basically, my preference would be for this module to determine whether colors should be by-default supported, but not whether the user has explicitly requested that they be turned on.

(“Well, then, Isaac, go make your own module for that” is a perfectly acceptable answer. The space for solutions is large 😉

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