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store.restored Promise resolves before the state is restored.

See original GitHub issue

Here’s the restoreState function that retrieves some data from Firebase based on localStorage wishlistId

restoreState: async (key, storage) => {
  const snapshot = await db

  const data = snapshot.val();

  console.log('restoring', data);

  return {
    wishlist: {
      ids: data.ids || [],

Here’s the beforeEnter route callback.

beforeEnter: async (to, { params }, next) => {
  console.log('before restore');
  await store.restored;
  console.log('after restore');

  // ... sone additional logic


I would expect the messages to be logged in the following order:

  • before restore
  • restoring
  • after restore

But the messages are logged in this order:

  • before restore
  • after restore
  • restoring

As a result, the router redirects to a route before the state is restored. I have asyncStorage set to true

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

softzer0commented, May 1, 2020

Having the same problem here as @nwittwer, but without Nuxt - store.restored is always undefined. Is there some fix or workaround for this?

pjotre86commented, Apr 2, 2021

I had the same problem. It started working with the following setup (in nuxt):


import VuexPersistence from 'vuex-persist'
import localforage from 'localforage'

export default ({ store }) => {
      new VuexPersistence({
        key: 'your-key',
        storage: localforage,
        asyncStorage: true, // THIS SEEMS TO BE IMPORTANT FOR localforage, with window.localstorage it also worked without it

waitForStore.js - this is basically the adaption of the vuex-persist authors recommendation for nuxt

export default function ({store, app}) {
    const waitForStorageToBeReady = async (to, from, next) => {
        await store.restored

Add both plugins to nuxt.config.js

plugins: [
    { src: '~/plugins/vuex-persist', ssr: false }, '~/plugins/waitForStore'

Hope it helps…

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