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Image Tool: uploading failed because of incorrect response - Nuxt

See original GitHub issue

Have implemented vue-editor-js is nuxt as per instructions and set up config as per and added a backend as per Problem is the configuration of editor image tools doesn’t seem to be working. The endpoint doesnt seem to have any effect and selecting a file initiates a POST request to my current nuxt path Request URL: http://localhost:6969/admin/post/new which responds with

Image Tool: uploading failed because of incorrect response: "<!doctype html>\n<html data-n-head-ssr>\n  <head >\n    <title>future-wars-nuxt</title><meta data-n-head=\"ssr\" charset=\"utf-8\"><meta data-n-head=\"ssr\" name=\"viewport\" content=\"width=device-width, initial-scale=1\"><meta data-n-head=\"ssr\" data-hid=\"description\" name=\"description\" content=\"Nuxt frontend for Future Wars\"><link data-n-head=\"ssr\" rel=\"stylesheet\" 
etc etc .......

Inspecting the editor vis this.$refs I can see the is empty. Should this be displaying the config settings?? Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 4 20 46 pm

Here is my component for reference

  <div class="page">
    <m-form title="New Post">
      <m-input name="title" label="title" v-model="title" />
      <m-input name="slug" label="slug" v-model="slug" />
      <m-input name="tags" label="tags" v-model="tags" />
        <datepicker placeholder="Select Date" v-model="date"></datepicker>
      <h1 style="text-align: center;">Editor.js on Nuxt.js</h1>
      <m-button variant="primary" @click="save">Save</m-button>
      <m-button variant="primary" @click="clear">Clear</m-button>
      <m-button variant="secondary" @click="log">Log</m-button>
      <select @change="handleTypeChange">
        <option v-for="type in types" :key="type" :value="type">
      <hr />

import Slugify from 'slugify';
import { postTypes } from '~/constants';
import { mapGetters, mapActions } from 'vuex';
import { editorBlocksInit } from '~/constants'; 

export default {
  name: 'NewBlogPost',
  middleware: ['check-auth', 'auth', 'is-admin'], 
  data() {
    return {
      title: 'Meh Blog',
      tags: 'Stenk',
      postType: postTypes[0],
      date: new Date(),
      initData: {
        blocks: editorBlocksInit
      author: null,
      config: {
        image: {
          // Like in
          endpoints: {
            byFile: 'http://localhost:2020/api/image',
            // byUrl: 'http://localhost:8090/image-by-url',
          field: 'image',
          types: 'image/*',
          // Cant get this to work either
          // uploader: {
          //   uploadByFile: this.uploadByFile
          // }
  computed: {
    ...mapGetters('auth', ['getUser']),
    slug() {
      return Slugify(this.title).toLowerCase();
    types() {
      return postTypes;
  methods: {
    ...mapActions('posts', ['create']),
    editorReady() {
      console.log('We is ready!!!!!!');
    updateEditor() {
      console.log('change', this.$refs);
      this.$ => {
        this.initData.blocks = outputData.blocks;
        this.initData.timeStamp = outputData.time;
        this.initData.version = !this.initData.version
          ? outputData.version
          : this.initData.version;
    save() {
      const createdPost = {
        title: this.title,
        slug: this.slug,
        tags: this.tags,
        isLive: false,
        postType: this.postType,
        author: this.getUser._id,
        content: JSON.stringify(this.initData)

      this.create({ createdPost }).then(res => {
    clear() {
    log() {
    handleTypeChange(e) {
      this.postType =;
    uploadByFile(file) {
      console.log('we wil upload ' + process.env.cloudinaryName)
      return this.$store.dispatch('posts/uploadImage', file)


I’d ultimately like to use the uploader config prop to call a vuex action in uploadByFile but nothing in config seems to be having effect at the moment??

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:7 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Loskircommented, Jan 14, 2020

The problem is that editor sends request to the current url instead of localhost:2020 as specified in the config. Can’t figure out why.

hkmsadekcommented, Jun 1, 2020

I am having this exact same issues. It seems this plugin never use the config for image tool.

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