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attribute/method to locate `StructTypeDef` from `StructInstance`

See original GitHub issue

Hi @mlin,

As the title says, we’d like to add “Go to definition/Find references” features to all editors through LSP. In order to do that, we could either:

  1. implement relevant functionality in wdl-lsp package, or
  2. add a couple methods to MiniWDL itself.

In both cases, the methods would operate on the parsed AST, and would take a source pos and return a target pos[], which corresponds to place(s) where it was defined/referenced.

Do you think such methods would better belong to MiniWDL, or should we implement them on our end?

Regardless, I’m thinking to approach the implementation by traversing the entire WDL.Tree and finding the corresponding list of pos : pos[] pairs. To improve performance, we can also construct a symbol lookup table so we only need to traverse the tree once, and do everything else in O(1), until the tree is modified.

Would be interesting to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

CC @pshapiro4broad @rexwangcc @mohawkTrail

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
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mlincommented, Nov 29, 2019

I just remembered how to do this while fixing some linter bugs – updated docstring in the above commit. That gets you to the StructTypeDef in the current document, which might actually be a reference to the actual definition in an imported document.

dinvladcommented, Aug 19, 2019

yep, we keep all dependencies strictly versioned, so it will not break any existing or new installations, and we’ll just need to produce a new update for wdl-lsp with the fixes that use the new version of MiniWDL

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