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problem: Launcher Error Invalid response: 404 Not Found

See original GitHub issue

problem: error

I also have similar troubles, Related information is as follows:

root@fx-nb-1-0:/home/jovyan# pip list | grep tensorflow
tensorflow                        2.1.0               
tensorflow-data-validation        0.15.0              
tensorflow-datasets               2.1.0               
tensorflow-estimator              2.1.0               
tensorflow-gpu                    2.0.0rc0            
tensorflow-hub                    0.7.0               
tensorflow-metadata               0.15.2              
tensorflow-model-analysis         0.15.4              
tensorflow-serving-api            2.1.0               
tensorflow-transform              0.15.0
root@fx-nb-1-0:/home/jovyan# pip list | grep jupyter
jupyter                           1.0.0               
jupyter-client                    5.3.1               
jupyter-console                   6.0.0               
jupyter-contrib-core              0.3.3               
jupyter-contrib-nbextensions      0.5.1               
jupyter-core                      4.5.0               
jupyter-highlight-selected-word   0.2.0               
jupyter-http-over-ws              0.0.6               
jupyter-latex-envs                1.4.6               
jupyter-nbextensions-configurator 0.4.1               
jupyter-tensorboard               0.2.0               
jupyterlab                        1.1.4               
jupyterlab-latex                  1.0.0               
jupyterlab-server                 1.0.6 
root@fx-nb-1-0:/home/jovyan# pip list | grep tensorboard
jupyter-tensorboard               0.2.0               
tensorboard                       2.1.1
root@fx-nb-1-0:/home/jovyan# jupyter labextension list
JupyterLab v1.1.4
Known labextensions:
   app dir: /usr/local/share/jupyter/lab
        @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager v1.0.3  enabled  OK
        @jupyterlab/latex v1.0.0  enabled  OK
        @jupyterlab/plotly-extension v1.0.0  enabled  OK
        @jupyterlab/toc v2.0.0  enabled  OK
        @mflevine/jupyterlab_html v0.1.4  enabled  OK
        @ryantam626/jupyterlab_code_formatter v1.1.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab-drawio v0.6.0  enabled  OK
        jupyterlab_tensorboard v0.1.6  enabled  OK
        qgrid v1.1.1  enabled  OK
root@fx-nb-1-0:/home/jovyan# jupyter serverextension list
config dir: /root/.jupyter
    jupyter_http_over_ws  enabled 
    - Validating...
      jupyter_http_over_ws 0.0.6 OK
    jupyter_tensorboard  enabled 
    - Validating...
      jupyter_tensorboard 0.2.0 OK
config dir: /usr/etc/jupyter
    jupyter_tensorboard  enabled 
    - Validating...
      jupyter_tensorboard 0.2.0 OK
config dir: /usr/local/etc/jupyter
    jupyterlab  enabled 
    - Validating...
      jupyterlab 1.1.4 OK
    jupyterlab_latex  enabled 
    - Validating...
      jupyterlab_latex 1.0.0 OK
    jupyter_nbextensions_configurator  enabled 
    - Validating...
      jupyter_nbextensions_configurator 0.4.1 OK

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AbhishekTapariacommented, May 15, 2020

First install tensorflow pip install tensorflow Then install jupyter_tensorboard pip install jupyter-tensorboard

Then install this extension.

KevinRyucommented, Jul 19, 2021

Same issue Invalid response: 404

Please try the following.

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