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getResource() in a nested for loop and props not updated with fetched data

See original GitHub issue


Please I have this issue when fetching Layout Builder, I have the following code.

export default function LB(props){

    const LB: Array<any> = props.LBPage.layout_builder__layout;

    /*const pageStructure = {
        sectionsNum: LB.length,
        sectionsSetting: [],
        contentTypes: [],

    // Add each section setting to the pageStructure

    LB.forEach(section => {
        const sectionSetting = {
            columns: null,
            column_widths: section.section.layout_settings.column_widths,
            context_mapping: section.section.layout_settings.context_mapping,
            label: section.section.layout_settings.label,

        sectionSetting.columns = sectionSetting.column_widths ? sectionSetting.column_widths.split('-').length : null;


    console.log(LB, props.resource, props.resource[1], props);

    return (
       => {
                    return <section className={
                                section.section.layout_settings.column_widths.split('-').length + '-col' + ' ' + 'col-' +section.section.layout_settings.column_widths
export async function getStaticProps(){

    let resource = [];
    let resources = [];

    const  LBPage = await getResource('node--page', '6acb560b-f999-4011-9bab-160856d21f9f')

    LBPage.layout_builder__layout.forEach((section, i) => {

        resource.push({section: []});

        //console.log('sections: ', section.section.components)

        // console.log('section.section.components: ', section.section.components, section.section);

        section.section.components.forEach(async (comp, j) => {
            //console.log('resource[i]: ', i, j);
            //console.log('component: ', comp.provider);
            //console.log('params: ', comp.configuration.provider + "--basic",, + ':', ''));

            if(comp.configuration.provider === 'block_content'){
                const nodeType = comp.configuration.provider + "--basic";
                const nodeUid = + ':', '');

                const blocks = await getResource(nodeType, nodeUid);
                console.log(i, 'Response: ', resource[i].section, blocks);
                setTimeout(() => {
                }, 15000);


    return {
        props: {

LBPage fetched normally but resource has empty arrays here is it hen logged on the devtool

resource: [
        "section": []
        "section": []
        "section": []
        "section": []

every section there should has it’s own blocks inside the array, by the way, the blocks fetched has been logged on the server nodejs but not passed to props

resources is just to know whether the block inside the if condition work or not

Thanks in advance.

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:7

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ansdbcommented, Jun 22, 2022


@shadcn Yes I use that layout builder patch

Okay thanks a lot, I will test what you say and come back to you with the result

Thanks a lot for both of you.

shadcncommented, Jun 22, 2022

You’re probably using the layout builder patch.

@soft4net is right. You should wrap the top forEach in a Promise.all.

await Promise.all(LBPage.layout_builder__layout.forEach())

You could also use a for ... of ...

const  page = await getResource('node--page', '6acb560b-f999-4011-9bab-160856d21f9f')

for (const section of page.layout_builder__layout) {
  for (const component of section.components) {
    // .....
    // Do your getResource call here.
    const blocks = await getResource(nodeType, nodeUid);
   // ....
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