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Ensure running 'prettier'

See original GitHub issue

Because I just run prettier on master and there are some changes, I think we need to discuss on that, there are several solutions.

Ideas :

  • Separate style fixes in a a specific rule (npm run lint:fix)
  • Run prettier on a precommit hook (staged files only, using husky and lint-staged #314)

@GingerPlusPlus : Can you confirm me your prettier does nothing on master ?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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Undistractioncommented, Feb 19, 2018

By far the easiest solution is to have prettier run on save for your editor. I use VSCode and the integration is seamless - I get all the ESLint errors displayed inline and every time I save Prettier formats the code. This is particularly great because I no longer need to think about formatting my code at all. I can type whatever I need straight in, using snippets as needed, and just save to get everything formatted which is a huge timesaver (and ensures I save regularly).

However this doesn’t solve consistency issues with PRs etc. For my own projects I have Husky set up to run effectively lint & eslint before every commit and run lint & eslint & test & build before every push.

Imho asking people to remember to do something - especially someone who might be committing to the project for the first time - is always going to cause issues. Linting / formatting of both code and commit messages should be automatic. This is the only way we can ensure consistency.

Undistractioncommented, Feb 19, 2018

For the hook, Instead running all the lint command, we can use lint-staged for fast commiting.

Yes. I find a separate hook for committing and pushing is good - keep the commit hook lightweight (and fast) - just lint and format then add test and build for push.

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