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Separate facility for tracking phone numbers

See original GitHub issue

We have a fair amount of phone numbers in bad_keywords.txt now, and another large batch in watched_keywords.txt. It has been brought up numerous times that this resource should probably be handled separately, sort of like domain names are now separate from keywords. Phone numbers have a number of pesky properties which makes them thorny to handle by regex, so we would probably like to have them stored in a canonical format and handle various formatting variations in the code which consults this canonical representation.

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tripleeecommented, Jun 12, 2018

We talked in chat about maybe adding a syntactic option to tag things for limiting their scope to a particular set of sites. This is tangential, but might be useful for the propsed phone facility, too. If the tags can contain arbitrary information, not just sites, you could do things like

!!/watch {qq} 123467890

to add 1234567890 to the watchlist with the tag “qq” to indicate that it’s a QQ chat ID …?

The chat discussion proposes something like

!!/watch {blender,askdifferent} foo

to add foo to the watchlist, but only trigger on Blender.SE and Ask Different. But the syntax could be extended to have e.g. a {sites:blender,askdifferent} variant and a {phone:qq} variant, or whatever.

Just thinking out loud here, sorry (-:

tripleeecommented, Aug 24, 2018 contains work by @iBug to add chat commands to the basic facility I drafted in the fork discussed above.

It looks good on the whole, but in order to get it into production, we should take a sprint to migrate many phone numbers to the dedicated numbers blacklist and watchlist.

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