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UIDs with iOS13 and Ionic Cordova

See original GitHub issue

Hi, tried to create an ios-ionic-cordova app to simply read out an UID from an NFC Chip using this Code:

iosNfcButton.addEventListener('click', function() {
  thisNFC.beginSession((data) => {},
    (err) => {}
      ).subscribe((event) => {
        thisNFC.addNdefListener(() => {
          console.log('connected ndef listener?!')
        }, (err) => {
          console.log('error attaching ndef listener', err);
        }).subscribe((event) => {

Baiscally just alert anything from the event in JSON so I can read it without a console. What I got back was:

        "tnf": 1,
        "id": [],
        "payload": [33,23,23,2,3],
        "type": [85]

As you can see the ID is empty. Is there any way I can access this now or maybe in future releases?

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Patrick-89commented, Dec 6, 2019

Hello together. Thank you all for your great work. We are really happy to use your work daily.

But we need to read out the UID of the NFC Chips. But this is now not possible. Do you have any Idea how this app had solved the issue about scanning out the UID?

Or what is missing in the Cordova plugin in order to read out the NFC UID?

Thank you.

vupttcommented, Nov 7, 2019

@don I just created a forked repo to return the uid, can you check it out and add this feature. Thanks

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