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Add feature to view if it can undo or redo

See original GitHub issue

I was thinking if it would be possible to add apis to check if it can undo or redo. I was thinking maybe: canUndo and canRedo which would return true or false. it would be nice to also store history change itself like: history

// returned object:
  undo: {
    depth: 3,
    changes: [
    // same for redo

Of course this is a proposal and any comment is welcome.

Or we could even attach the apis to undo and redo directly like so: undo.history or undo.depth or undo.canUndo.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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charkourcommented, Sep 26, 2022

Hey @vixalien and @feuersteiner,

As far as the canUndo, canRedo, undoDepth, redoDepth functionality, since those are computed values, I don’t think it is necessary to add the to main temporal store in the zundo middleware. However, I think a meta-data helper function would be useful to add so I’ll work on that.

For the time being, here is a code sandbox canUndo, canRedo, undoDepth, redoDepth that implements canUndo, canRedo, undoDepth, and redoDepth with zundo v2.

Thanks for the feedback!

skratcommented, Nov 15, 2022

If I only use the .temporal store in my component, it doesn’t get re-rendered when I call undo() or redo() because pastStates and futureStates are not changing identity (not 100% about this), they’re simply being changed in place with push and splice.

It works in your demos, because you have everything in one component, but if there’s a component that is using just the temporal state, it breaks.

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