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ckpt file for after training

See original GitHub issue

After running training, ie python ./faster_rcnn/ --gpu 0 --weights ./data/pretrain_model/VGG_imagenet.npy --imdb voc_2007_trainval --iters 70000 --cfg ./experiments/cfgs/faster_rcnn_end2end.yml --network VGGnet_train --set EXP_DIR exp_dir The last line in log prints Wrote snapshot to: /xxxx/VGGnet_fast_rcnn_iter_70000.ckpt done solving But I see three files VGGnet_fast_rcnn_iter_70000.ckpt.index VGGnet_fast_rcnn_iter_70000.ckpt.meta I then trying to run demo. none of them works with python ./faster_rcnn/ --model model_path how can i get single ckpt file similar to the one that can downloaded ( VGGnet_fast_rcnn_iter_150000.ckpt as per the instructions in readme ?

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ChrisDalcommented, Apr 14, 2017

In fact, the files correspond to :

  • : data itself (weigths and all)
  • VGGnet_fast_rcnn_iter_70000.ckpt.index : (I actually have no idea haha)
  • VGGnet_fast_rcnn_iter_70000.ckpt.meta : the graph definition and all metadata associated

Tensorflow can restore the model from a trio of model.ckpt.index , model.ckpt.meta, with for example here args.model = model.ckpt :

saver = tf.train.Saver() saver.restore(sess, args.model)

But to run the demo from this training, you have to change the condition on the existence of the model which is either on the model.ckpt file (that may not exist), either on the model.ckpt.xxxx file(s) (where you can’t restore the session). Theses lines test if the user gave a model.ckpt.xxxx file and then give to the saver the right model.ckpt.

if not os.path.splitext(args.model)[1] == 'ckpt':
    model_path = args.model
    args.model = os.path.splitext(args.model)[0] 

if args.model == ' ' or not os.path.exists(model_path):
    print ('current path is ' + os.path.abspath(__file__))
    raise IOError(('Error: Model not found.\n'))

You can add it/replace in the , just after the parsing of the args. Then give the path to an existing model file e.g :

python ./faster_rcnn/ --model dir_model_path/model.ckpt.meta

A link to an article which explain how the data that is saved [1] . That’s just a little solution, I am not a python expert neither a tensorflow expert.

chrenlilycommented, Apr 26, 2019

@zyclarkcheng Did you solve the problem?could you help me ?I got the same problem

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