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Implement global state life cycle methods.

See original GitHub issue


I have experiment this behavior :

  • I use in componentDidUpdate in component A
  • When component B updates global.x, component A doesn’t rerender
  • I make something else to make component A render
  • Then when component B updates global.x it does make component A render

I suppose that before the first call of componentDidUpdate, we don’t know that component A is using global.x, so it is not rerendered until something make it call componenetDidUpdate, at this time we see that component A uses global.x.

I am not sure my issue is clear, is it the expected behavior or do you think it can be changed ?

Thank you

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  • Created 5 years ago
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CharlesStovercommented, Nov 27, 2018

They are both based on the React naming convention. One is the React method + Global, while the other is the React method replacing Component with Global. But the React method + Global is probably more clear as to what it is doing, so I will go with that. e.g. You aren’t determining if the global state should update.

CharlesStovercommented, Nov 26, 2018

I also would prefer the first one because we can they mix operation between prevProps, prevState and prevGlobal.

I agree, but I think it is a limitation. ReactN does not modify React or React Fiber. The dispatch of component lifecycle methods is handled by React Fiber. Customizing them can’t be done without modifying React Fiber. A major advantage of ReactN is that it does not mutate React or its internals, allowing for a simultaneous install of the two packages and guaranteed non-interference.

I may go with the last choice and implement lifecycle methods for global. I also like the idea of shouldComponentUpdateGlobal (or shouldGlobalUpdate), not sure which naming convention to adopt yet.

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