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gulp-flowtype is not working for me. Not finding errors. Long running time.

See original GitHub issue

I am not sure why, when I use gulp-typeflow it takes 12s to run the code and it finds 0 erros, while running “flow” command finds errors missed by gulp-typeflow.

I’ve replaced gulp meanwhile to work with regular ‘flow’ cmd command which works with the .flowconfig settings

Previous flow task ( with gulp-flowtype )

gulp.task('flowtypeSrc', () =>
      all: true,
      weak: false,
      declarations: './flow-typed/npm',
      killFlow: false,
      beep: true,
      abort: true,
    })) // Add Flow here

Output: … ✔ Flow has found 0 errors [12:22:05] Finished ‘flowtypeSrc’ after 11 s …

Actually fails to find erros… and runs 11 seconds.

My current flow task:

gulp.task('flowtypeSrc', () => {
  try {
    execSync('./node_modules/.bin/flow', { stdio: 'inherit' });
  } catch (e) {

Output: … Found 1 error [12:14:17] Finished ‘flowtypeSrc’ after 308 ms …

I hope to contribute when I get the time, meanwhile this is a valid solution for others with the same problem.

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alexei-bykovskicommented, Mar 7, 2018

Seems to be a problem in the executable flow file that is located in node_modules/gulp-flowtype/node_modules/flow-bin/vendor/flow. Solved this problem by installing flow-bin yarn add --dev flow-bin and pointing the path to flow process.env.FLOW_BIN = path.resolve(__dirname, 'node_modules/.bin/flow'). Now everything works like a charm.

saginadircommented, Nov 26, 2017

@alexxmde Gotcha Alex 😃 nice find.

This library seems unmaintained for several years, and it has it’s reasons

  1. Gulp is not as used anymore - webpack does a lot of the work these days with the -w flag that watches for changes and recompiles
  2. Most tools come with -w flag that reruns on file change and makes gulp further obsolete
  3. npm can have custom scripts which you can run like “npm run install” or “npm run build” and it further obsoletes gulp
  4. I was just using flow in my JetBrains IDE which gives you the errors in the IDE

But still nice catch 😃 brings me peace to know it’s solved.

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