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Closing on click when wrapped in label

See original GitHub issue

When the datepicker is wrapped in a label tag, there is some strange behaviour possibly related to click events causing the calendar to close and not reopen whenever anything except a date is clicked on.

For example, changing to the previous or next month will close the calendar as will clicking anywhere inside the box but not on an actual date:

    <datepicker name="max_date" v-model="form_data.max_date" format="dd/MM/yyyy"></datepicker>

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  • Created 6 years ago
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wpatter6commented, Oct 25, 2018

This appears to still be happening in the latest 1.5.3 release. I have found that a better solution than adding the prevent to the label is to add another element under the label which can perform the @click.prevent behavior. This allows the label to continue to behave as a label and focus/open the datepicker when clicked. Working example:

DinnerKangcommented, Jul 22, 2019

This appears to still be happening in the latest 1.6.2 release I spent a lot of time looking for this error. I would appreciate it if you could write on ReadMe.


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