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Propped value of type String is not formatted correctly.

See original GitHub issue

When propping a String value to the component with a format like so: <datepicker format="dd/MM/yyyy" value="01/03/2017"></datepicker>

The component doesn’t use the format propped to it, which creates an incorrect date. It will show “03/01/2017” instead of the value propped. I checked the source codes and it looks like the issue is on Datepicker.vue file.

formattedValue () {
   if (!this.selectedDate) {
       return null
   return DateUtils.formatDate(new Date(this.selectedDate), this.format, this.translation)

On Datepicker.vue, it passes new Date(this.selectedDate) as the first parameter, it uses the default date format of the Date object which causes the component to return the incorrect value.

Thanks! 👍

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:6 (1 by maintainers)

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gezichenshancommented, Jan 12, 2018

So, is there a format string for the value? I dont want it to be Date object. I want it to be like “2018-01-12”

roncabalcommented, Jul 12, 2017

Got it. Maybe it is best to put the string format on the read me file to avoid confusion? 😄

Anyway, thanks for checking on my issue. Also, thanks for building this component! 😄

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