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Cannot read property 'querySelectorAll' of null

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It’s really strange, chartist was working fine for me a few days ago but suddenly nothing works.
I copy pasted most of the below code from the official website, so I don’t think the error is on my part, but I can’t be sure.
I’m getting the same error on all browsers, on both minified and unminified versions of chartist, and on both npm and CDN versions of chartist.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Data Chart</title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
  <script src="//"></script>
  <script src="chart.js"></script>
  <div class="ct-chart ct-perfect-fourth"></div>


var data = {
  // A labels array that can contain any sort of values
  labels: ['Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri'],
  // Our series array that contains series objects or in this case series data arrays
  series: [
    [5, 2, 4, 2, 0]

// Create a new line chart object where as first parameter we pass in a selector
// that is resolving to our chart container element. The Second parameter
// is the actual data object. As a third parameter we pass in our custom options.
new Chartist.Bar('.ct-chart', data);

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  • Created 8 years ago
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prashcrcommented, Dec 27, 2015

My bad, the script tags were supposed to be at the end of body, not in head.

hot-Whiskeycommented, May 5, 2017

I had a really dumb error that caused this error message. The div I was trying to change into a graph I had as div id=“#all_results” which obviously should have been div id=“all_results”. Moral of the story, check to make sure you have things named properly, etc because it’ll trigger this message.

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