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Why alphaNumerate() the chart series' class names?

See original GitHub issue

Currently, the series’ class names are constructed like this: ct-series-a, ct-series-b up to ct-series-z, then it starts at ct-series-a again.

This only allows for 26 series in a chart - seems a bit arbitrary to me. It’s also not enough for a — granted, maybe far-fetched — use case like a line per day in a month or the cumulative salaries (stacked bars) in a company with more than 26 employees.

I think it would be better to have just the number in the class name (ct-series-0, ct-series-1, etc.) - it’s easier to implement, more intuitive (as the series’ name now corresponds 1-on-1 to the series’ key) and more flexible.


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gionkunzcommented, Jan 18, 2016

You can do so by using the object series notation demonstrated on this Pie chart example, that is also valid for bar and line charts:

// Overriding the class names for individual series as well as a name and meta data.
// The name will be written as ct:series-name attribute and the meta data will be serialized and written
// to a ct:meta attribute.
new Chartist.Pie('.ct-chart', {
  series: [{
    value: 20,
    name: 'Series 1',
    className: 'my-custom-class-one',
    meta: 'Meta One'
  }, {
    value: 10,
    name: 'Series 2',
    className: 'my-custom-class-two',
    meta: 'Meta Two'
  }, {
    value: 70,
    name: 'Series 3',
    className: 'my-custom-class-three',
    meta: 'Meta Three'

For Line and Bar charts just use data: [1, 2, 3, 4] instead of value: 10. The key is to use an object notation and use className to override the class name of your series.

stringfellowcommented, Jan 18, 2016

👍 perfect, thanks!

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