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It doesn’t explain anything. nor does it make sense. I’ve been programming in javascript for 10 years now so i’m no stranger to it and to APIs, but this one is a mystery.

First of all, nowhere is explained what are the parameters you might pass, for example, to a line chart. I see you can pass data, but what else? where is the full list?

In the API page, the first thing you read is Module Chartist.AutoScaleAxis, but what does this name means?? how should even use object variable shown in the API? for example, I want to disable the vertical axis for a line chart. what is the parameter for that? searching the word vertical show no results.

There are all these functions and code…but how should one use them? use-case examples?

This whole API is one big WTF I’m not trying to be annoying or anything, I myself have been open-sourcing a lot and if I think so, I guess countless other devs are also frustrated by the lack of proper documentation

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yairEOcommented, Sep 9, 2015

Ha thanks, now I see. never thought that a list of settings will be refereed to as “code”. Never in my life I would have thought clicking that button. Instead of getting angry maybe you should re-think the UX. sorry for not mind-reading how the API works. I get FAR dumber question on my projects from users and I answer them all and question my own README and tutorials so those questions won’t be raised again by another.

andrewfloncommented, Aug 19, 2015

… and yet many other developers have managed to use the API for this rather nifty royalty-free graphing library to get themselves set-up.

I’m quite a novice developer yet I managed to quickly follow the documentation and figure out how to setup everything to get some great-looking charts working with my application.

… and the developer (Gion) is very active in answering questions and providing free, incisive support for his library - much more than most other libraries I’ve seen …

If you’re such an experienced developer yourself, I’m surprised you’re having such trouble following the documentation - or knowing that you don’t get much help online by acting like an asshole.

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