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Class cannot be read from Sqlite3 database

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Error: Class cannot be read from Sqlite3 database. Please check the type of field usersReviewList(java.util.ArrayList)

Hi, sugarORM can not read from the database fields stored in a custom object called UserReview in practice in my code I have an object called appWatched and for each object can have multiple objects UserReview which for convenience are saved in a list , when I try to read data stored in the database sugar fails to read the values ​​stored in the table USER_REVIEW , how do I fix ? an extract from the code of java objects :

public class AppWatched extends SugarRecord<AppWatched>{

private String appPackageName;
private String appName;
private String appLogoUrl;
private String vote;
private String numPeapleRating;
private String numStarsRatingFive;
private String numStarsRatingFour;
private String numStarsRatingThree;
private String numStarsRatingTwo;
private String numStarsRatingOne;
private List<UserReview> usersReviewList;

public AppWatched(){ }


public class UserReview extends SugarRecord<UserReview>{

private String userAvatarUrl;
private String userName;
private String currentRation;
private String reviewDate;
private String reviewTitle;
private String reviewBody;

public UserReview() {}


Used Version: compile ‘com.github.satyan:sugar:1.3’

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  • Created 8 years ago
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pratiksaboocommented, Jun 1, 2018

Okay, it’s 2018 and it’s crazy how such an important thing is missing. I found this way to be quite helpful: Basically storing it as a string json

pietronaccaricommented, Jul 1, 2015

ArrayList or other collections aren’t supported yet 😦

Only solution and then create a report 1 to n between my items , thanks

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